A senior UEFA delegation will meet Minister for Sport Shane Ross and officials from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport to discuss the ongoing crisis at the Football Association of Ireland.

With debts of almost €70m, the FAI is at risk of insolvency and has asked the Government for a guarantee of €18m.

UEFA, European football's governing body, is also expected to meet the FAI's lead creditor, Bank of Ireland.

Much of the FAI’s current funding comes from UEFA, which has been advancing money to the association from future participation and television revenue.

The FAI has admitted it is in danger of insolvency and that could lead to Republic of Ireland teams being unable compete at international level.

However, with a general election set to be called, the timing of UEFA's visit to Dublin has added significance.

The Government must decide how best to support Irish football, but it has made clear that no funding can be provided until confidence in the FAI is restored.

The appointment of a new chairperson, Roy Barrett, and two other independent directors last week has paved the way for the underwriting of a rescue package.

No payment will be made until the Government is satisfied that issues surrounding financial mismanagement and corporate governance have been resolved.

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