The Garda Representative Association has confirmed it hired an outside company to examine security at its offices in Phibsborough in Dublin.

The offices are used to discuss garda and GRA business by members of the Garda who represent more than 12,000 rank and file gardaí all over the country.

The company was brought in after General Secretary Pat Ennis became concerned when confidential information was relayed back to him by a third party.

The GRA said Mr Ennis became aware that the contents of a document, which had been on his desk had been disclosed to someone else.

The company, which is based in Dublin, assessed security at the GRA's offices and made a number of recommendations in relation to the storage of documents and the number of keys and keyholders.

The company completed its report last May but the GRA's Central Executive Committee comprising 31 gardaí from all over the country was only informed last Thursday.

The company was paid around €2,500 for its work.

The General Secretary told the garda representatives that a security issue had arisen, a security sweep had been conducted and they would receive a full report at the next CEC meeting in September.

A GRA spokesman insisted that the security company did not sweep the GRA's offices for bugging devices.