An investigation is under way into an alleged attack on a young girl by three other children all under the age of ten.

The allegation was made to gardaí in the past two weeks.

It is alleged the five-year-old girl went with three boys aged between seven and ten to a shed in a derelict house and was attacked there.

Gardaí are investigating a report that the child was hit a number of times with a stick, but managed to escape from the other children.

The child was not seriously injured, but was taken for medical treatment and has been traumatised and upset by the attack.

Her parents contacted gardaí.

RTÉ News is aware of the location of the attack.

The incident is being investigated by a team of gardaí from a local specialist unit, the Divisional Protective Services Unit.

Detectives are waiting to conduct detailed interviews with all four children involved.

They have initial preliminary reports on the case, but they have yet to establish the facts.

The case has also been referred to Tusla and the Child and Family Agency said its role is to assess whether there is a child protection issue and whether a child is at risk.

Garda Headquarters confirmed an investigation was under way, but it would not comment on what was a very sensitive investigation involving four very young children and their families.

It is unlikely any prosecutions will result as all four children are below the age of criminal responsibility.

The Children's Act defines that as 12 years old, meaning no child under that age can be charged with a criminal offence.

There are, however, exceptions to this, such as in cases of suspected rape or murder and in such cases children aged 10 and 11 can be charged.