A novel by an acclaimed Irish author, which was never meant for the stage, is set to have its world premiere in Galway this month.

'The Thing About December', a novel by twice-nominated Man Booker Prize author Donal Ryan and adapted by Decadent Theatre company, will open at the Town Hall Theatre on 13 June.

The Tipperary author was originally loath to allow anyone to adapt his book and the characters in it for stage.  

"I was very reluctant to have any adaptation of 'The Thing About December'. I didn’t ever want it to happen ever. I didn't want it to be a film, a TV show or a play," he said.

"The book was very precious to me. It was the first time that I every felt that I could be a writer. It was the first novel that I finished."

'The Thing About December' was the first book written by Donal Ryan, but his second published.

However, when he was approached by Galway-based director Andrew Flynn of Decadent Theatre originally from his own town - Nenagh, in Co Tipperary - he changed his mind.

The play, adapted by Decadent Theatre’s Jarlath Tivan and Andrew Flynn, will be staged for ten days.

"I’m glad it’s in the hands of Andrew and Jarlath and Decadent Theatre Company, theatre-makers with a stellar record of bringing stories to life onstage with empathy, passion and verve," said Mr Ryan.

‘The Thing About December’ is set in rural Tipperary at the turn of the 21st century as the Celtic Tiger begins to roar.

Johnsey Cunliffe, a simple, naïve only child in his 20s, grieves the death of his much-loved parents.

Harassed by local bullies and excluded by his peers, Johnsey’s isolation worsens when his inherited farm is re-zoned and becomes valuable.

The clouds gather as a local conglomerate connive to tempt him into giving up his family’s land, while Johnsey, the unlikeliest of heroes, tries to hold on to those things dearest to him.

Andrew Flynn, the Artistic Director of Decadent Theatre Company, hopes to bring his adaptation of ‘The Thing About December’ on tour around Ireland.

The production aims at bringing new Irish drama to the stage.

"Theatre needs new life. It has to keep evolving. All great classics are brilliant to stage but they have been done.

"During the downturn there was less new works created. Thankfully as we come out of that there is an opportunity to create new Irish Theatre. That is really exciting."

Preview performances in Town Hall Theatre in Galway are on 13, 14, 15 June and it continues through to Saturday 22 June.

The Thing About December is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland/An Chomhairle Ealaíon and Galway City Council.