Ambulance personnel belonging to the Psychiatric Nurses Association have warned of further strikes in their dispute over union recognition, but have not yet specified dates for industrial action.

The PNA ambulance members have already mounted four 12 hour strikes in pursuit of negotiating rights on behalf of their members in the National Ambulance Service.

However, the HSE has refused to recognise the PNA for those grades, saying it already recognises unions in the ambulance service, and to recognise more would lead to fragmentation and impair good industrial relations.

Today, the PNA ambulance branch committee met and announced that it will hold a protest outside the Dáil on Wednesday 27 March.

It will confirm further dates for strike action over the coming week. 

 The PNA claims to represent 500 of the 1,800 personnel in the National Ambulance Service, though that figure is disputed by other unions.

Last week, the HSE confirmed that fewer than 100 staff had failed to work on the days of the PNA strikes.

During previous strikes over recent weeks, service was maintained, though the HSE contingency arrangements included reliance on Department of Defence ambulances being deployed.