All telecoms operators in Ireland are statutorily obliged to manage risks to the security of their networks, according to a spokesperson for the Department of Communications.

The Dept spokesperson was responding to a query from RTÉ News about its attitude to international concerns about Chinese technology firm Huawei.

The company has been accused of industrial espionage by the United States.

Several countries, including the UK, Australia and New Zealand, has said they will not allow Huawei equipment to be used in their next generation 5G mobile networks due to security concerns.

A number of other European nations are reviewing the use of Huawei equipment in their networks.

Brian Collins of cybersecurity company Adaptive Mobile Security has pointed out that Huawei equipment is used by all the telecom operators in Ireland.

He said if the accusations made by the United States prove to be true that could have significant national security implications.

The Department of Communications added that Comreg - the communications' regulator - is also responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of all electronic communications networks comply with EU regulations and that State security is primarily a matter for the Minister for Justice.