The Government has not given any indication that it is prepared to enhance its previous offer for the partial restoration of pay equality for public servants hired from 2011, according to the Irish National Teachers Organisation.

Speaking after a meeting with the Public Service Stability Agreement Oversight Body, INTO President Joe Killeen said the parties were in negotiation and all negotiations were based on give on both sides.

Teacher union representatives attended a meeting of the PSSA Oversight Body to discuss their rejection of Government proposals on pay inequality among public servants recruited from 2011.

The Public Service Stability Agreement Oversight Body is chaired by the Workplace Relations Commission Director of Conciliation Anna Perry, and its members include senior trade unionists and officials of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

It examines disputes over compliance and or breaches of the PSSA.

Mr Killeen said that as the unions put forward proposals and technical issues are discussed, he hoped progress could be made.

TUI President Seamus Lahart said the fact that the Oversight Body had invited the unions in suggested that they recognised that the teachers’ campaign had some validity. 

He said they hoped to resolve the issues within the PSSA.

ASTI President Breda Lynch welcomed talks and said she looked forward to further discussions.

Earlier today, Mr Killeen said his members were hoping they could negotiate an improvement on the previous offer that would achieve full pay equalisation. 

He said the INTO wishes to use the negotiating system to achieve that.

He accepted that the Government had said there was no more money in the pot at the moment but expressed the hope that they could secure a clear path towards full equalisation.

Asked how long the INTO would wait before balloting members for industrial action, Mr Killeen said they were still consulting with their 160 branches and would revert to them when the current process concludes.

He said teachers recruited in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 would continue to suffer a reduction in wages going forward.

Earlier today, Ms Lynch said a ballot for strike action would be a "natural follow on" from the members' rejection of the Government proposals for partial restoration of pay equality.

However she noted that the ASTI had previously committed to work with the other teacher unions on this issue.

The ASTI central executive committee will consider the issue on 26 January.

Mr Lahart, whose members accepted the Government pay equalisation proposals, said they had done so in the context of a continuing campaign for full pay equality.

He said they had certainly not been accepted as a final solution.

He said the TUI has written to the ASTI and the INTO about acting together on this issue.

Ahead of their strike action planned from 30 January, nursing unions are also meeting the PSSA.