Members of the emergency services have told an inquest how they worked to save two children pulled from a deadly fire at a halting site in Carrickmines.

Ten people - five adults and five children - died in the fire in south Dublin in October 2015.

The inquest into the deaths has heard that two children were pulled from a burning portacabin by relatives but one of them, a five-month-old baby, was placed in a second unit which also caught fire.

The baby, Mary Connors, died but the other child, Tom Connors, who was then four years old survived.

Ray Martin, the firefighter who carried out a "snatch rescue" of baby Mary, said she had no obvious signs of life when he brought her out of the second portacabin.

He told Dublin City Coroner Dr Myra Cullinane he considered her "clinically dead".

He said he had been directed to the second portacabin by a woman who said there was a baby in there.

The flames were coming out up to the height of the door and a right hand window. Wearing a breathing apparatus he used a fire hose to "knock back" the fire.

Mr Martin said he found the baby at the foot of the bed.

The room was extremely hot and there was smoke six to eight inches off the ceiling, but there were no visible flames.

Mr Martin said the conditions in the room would not sustain life.

He carried the baby to an ambulance, there was no movement in her chest and there were burn marks on her face and both forearms.

In the ambulance it was confirmed that there was no pulse and he and colleagues performed CPR and administered medication for her heart.

Garda Robert Whitty told the inquest that baby Mary was pronounced dead in Tallaght Hospital at 5:31am.

Paramedic Catriona Sheehan said when she arrived she was directed to a child placed in the seat of a fire truck.

She said the child was struggling to breathe and she tried to open up the airways but his jaws were locked.

Ms Sheeran said she continued to work on the child in the ambulance with a defibrillator and ventilator.

The child was Tom Connors, who survived the fire.

She said she had been met by the youth that saved the boy from the fire who was "hysterical" and saying that he had tried to lift a man out but he was too heavy.

In his evidence Mr Martin said it required three lengths of hose to reach a hydrant outside the halting site.

Detective Sergeant Shane Curran told the inquest that the nine victims found dead in the portacabin were on the floor and all had been either unconscious or dead from carbon monoxide poisoning before burning took place.

The detective said smoke inhalation was responsible for 80% of deaths in domestic fires.

Under cross examination from solicitor Michael Staines for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown council, he said that what tended to happen was that people got up and would get confused from the effects of carbon monoxide and other fumes and be quickly overcome.

Detective Sergeant Curran said it was his opinion that the fire started as a result of chip pan being left on a hotplate of an electric cooker as the aluminium pot had melted to a molten lump while other aluminium objects in the kitchen were intact.

The knobs on the cooker had been melted off but the spindle inside indicated the corresponding hot plate had been on and the detective said that if the chip pan was left on, the oil would start to go on fire when it reached 400 degrees centigrade.

Although there was a possibility that the position of the spindle could have altered by the effects of firefighting there was residue down the back of the cooker which suggested the oil had ignited and started to splash he said.

He said this would have started a "quick fire" which he estimated would have taken up to 15 minutes to spread throughout the portacabin.

Detective Sergeant David O'Leary said the bodies of Thomas Connors, his wife Sylvia and their children Jim and Christy were found in the master bedroom.

The second bedroom was the central room where they found the bodies of Willie Lynch, who was Slyvia's brother, his partner Tara Gilbert and their two children Joe and Kelsey.

In the kitchen/living room area they found the body of Jimmy Lynch, another brother of Slyvia.