A new report has found that one in three jobs in Ireland is at high risk of being affected by digitalisation over the next five years.

The study by the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs also found that those most at risk of displacement by digital technologies are those with lower levels of education.

The analysis says digital technology is rapidly changing how, where and when we do work and increasing efficiency and productivity levels.

But the body, which advises the Government on current and future skills needs in the economy, says such change brings both opportunities and challenges.

Looking ahead to the years 2018 to 2023 it examines how digital technology will impact workers here by sector, occupation and region.

It finds a third of jobs in Ireland are at high risk of being affected by digitalisation with those with lower levels of education most in danger of displacement.

Sectors facing the greatest challenge are those with repetitive, manual tasks that can be replaced by automation including agriculture, retail, transport, hospitality and manufacturing.

Much of the disruption, however, will result in changes to job roles and tasks performed by individuals rather than job losses, it says.

It predicts employment in every occupational group will grow over the period, but the adoption of digital technologies will lead to a slowdown in that employment growth. 

As a consequence, it says, 46,000 fewer jobs will be created than would have been created without digitalisation.  

There will be opportunities though for many people to upskill within their current jobs, it claims, with employees set to be trained to take on new tasks or, in some cases, new job roles as their old ones are automated.

At a regional level, Dublin is the least at risk from automation, while the midlands and border regions are most at risk it states. 

The analysis also finds that while the system of skills training here is functioning well in the current economic climate, the ongoing future challenges of digitalisation will require that system to change further.