Fine Gael will not be putting up its own posters during the referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

The party's campaign director, Josepha Madigan, said it would be supporting the Together For Yes campaign which plans to put up 20,000 posters.

Separately, Minister for Health Simon Harris said the party would also be holding events and many of its ministers, TDs and councillors would be supporting the campaign.

Mr Harris said the party would be joining with civil society groups, as was the case in the same-sex marriage referendum.

While the Cabinet has supported the campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment, the parliamentary party has a free vote on the issue.

At the press event, Dr Peter Boylan raised concerns about abortion pills coming into the country without regulation.

He said there were serious dangers when taking them without supervision. He said it was important for tablets to be regulated in a supervised way in terms of the health of the woman.

Dr Boylan advised women to be extremely careful in taking them without supervision and to read the instructions carefully. He added that doctors dealt with cases with compassion.

Mr Harris said medicine that is legal should be taken and he noted Dr Boylan's advice.