The National Paediatric Hospital Development Board has said that the main construction contractor is currently reporting to be behind on certain elements of the construction, but a revised programme timeline is currently being developed, which will set out mitigation measures.

It said that under the construction contract, the new hospital is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2022 and it will open in 2023, after a period of commissioning.

The Board said that the hospital is the largest and most complex construction project underway in Ireland and that throughout the lifetime of the project, different aspects may be ahead, or behind projected timelines and these issues are constantly being reviewed and worked through.

It said that the structural frame on the construction site of the new hospital is now reaching roof level, in most advanced areas of the building, resulting in the building now being visible well above the hoarding. 

Basement excavation, with the exception of the temporary road, is now complete and piling is also complete. 

The mechanical and electrical fit out of the basement and plant areas has commenced and the façade works on the south fingers adjoining the South Circular Road, will start this month.