The average number of inpatient and day beds open in the acute public hospital system in May was 13,192,  according to a report from the Department of Health.

This is broken down as 10,950 inpatient beds and 2,242 day beds.

It compares with an average number of inpatient and day beds a decade ago of 13,141.

In general, the number of inpatient beds has reduced, with an increase in day beds, as more procedures are now performed on a day basis.

An 'Open Beds' report is now published each month by the department with the figures.

It does not detail the number of closed beds in the public hospital system.

A Health Service Capacity Review report last year recommended an increase of 2,590 acute hospital beds, across the health system, by 2031.

The National Development Plan provides for the full 2,590 beds by 2027.

Of the extra beds under the HSE Winter Plan 2018/19, all 75 acute beds have opened to date, according to the department.

A large number of these extra beds were opened at Connolly Hospital in Dublin, which was allocated 20 more beds under the plan.

Ten years ago, there were 11,369 inpatient beds in the public hospital system.

The number dropped to the lowest level in 2012, when there were an average of 10,337 inpatient beds open that year.

The figure today is 621 beds more at 10,958. The average number of day beds ten years ago was 1,772.

The figure in May was 2,233, an increase of 461 beds.

Figures show that St James's Hospital in Dublin has the largest number of inpatient beds in the country, with 708 inpatient beds open.

It is followed by Beaumont, with 669 inpatient beds, and Cork University Hospital, which has 628 beds.