A charity that provides a place to stay for families of children who are long-term inpatients in a number of Dublin hospitals opened an extension today.

Hugh's House provides accommodation for families whose children are in long-term care at Temple Street, Holles Street, the Coombe and Rotunda hospitals in Dublin.

It says its services are in high demand and it sometimes has to turn families away due to a lack of space.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, founder Ade Stack said she and her husband set up the charity after witnessing firsthand the lack of space available for families coming from far away to visit and be with their family in hospital.

She said when she and her husband were in hospital there were so many people sleeping on floors or in cars, and so many children who got no visitors because it was not affordable for people to get there.

Ms Stack said it was a hard situation for the hospitals because they had nothing to fix, but that she and her colleagues saw something that they could actually do.

"What we saw was there was something we could actually fix, we could actually say, if we share what we have, from food through FoodCloud, to furniture when you're upgrading your house.

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"Now we're looking for spare rooms, this is a very fixable problem, because these aren't homeless families.

"They're me, they're you, they're the family from Mayo, they're your second cousin twice removed"

Ms Stack said there is a great demand for the service, and at the moment they are "unbelievably full". She said they have 14 rooms but even have people sleeping in the living room as the demand is so great.

She said they service four hospitals, and highlighted that they only have 14 rooms, with there being over 200 children in intensive care in Dublin.

The service is volunteer-run and they do not charge the families, as Ms Stack says it is not the families who should be paying for it.

She said what they found hard in Dublin when their son was in hospital was that people from outside of the capital felt afraid in the city, and she wanted people to feel comfortable in there.

Ronald McDonald House provides a service to Crumlin Children's Hospital but Hugh's House helps the other three hospitals.