Latest national waiting list figures show that there are now over 755,200 patients waiting on some kind of hospital waiting list.

Outpatient waiting lists have increased to over 556,400 patients, according to the National Treatment Purchase Fund data to the end of May.

Within these figures, 68,765 patients were waiting for an appointment for their inpatient, or day case treatment, a small reduction on the April data.

A further 22,113 patients were waiting to receive an appointment for their gastrointestinal endoscopy check.

These figures may not give the full picture, as a recent audit found that in certain cases, there were delays of up to 49 working days, by some hospitals, to add patients to the outpatient waiting list.

There were also delays of up to 28 days to add patients to the inpatient, or day case waiting lists, in some cases.

As a result, it found there was inaccurate reporting of patient waiting times at local and national level.

There may also be some duplication on waiting lists.