The Irish Medical Organisation has said that talks with the Government on a new agreement with GPs are close to conclusion.

It said the deal being finalised will see the total amount of €120m - cut as part of FEMPI (Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act) - being restored over the term of the deal.

It is understood that this will involve around €30m a year being restored to GPs each year over four years, and will have productivity measures attached.

Extra funding will also be provided for the phased introduction of chronic disease management, which GPs can opt to provide on a voluntary basis.

The extra funding is understood to be around €70m, bringing the total likely deal to about €190m.

As part of the proposed deal, the IMO said it will negotiate additional and separate funding on the phased extension of GP care to under 12s.

Free GP care is also provided for under 6s.

The phased extension of free GP care to under 18s is a key element of the Programme for Partnership Government.

The IMO said it will ballot members on their views on the agreement if it is concluded and that ultimately it will be up to each GP to decide whether or not to accept any new terms.

The Department of Health said there are a small number of issues that remain to be finalised over the coming days.

It said that agreement would provide substantial benefits for patients and significantly resource general practice over several years.

Talks to try and secure a deal resumed last October.