A Medical Council inquiry has resumed into the care of baby Mark Molloy at the Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise, in January 2012.

Dr A is facing seven allegations of professional misconduct or poor professional performance.

Baby Mark died shortly after birth on 24 January 2012.

The inquiry is hearing from a midwife, "Witness 8", who cannot be named.

Witness 8 said the hospital received an alert notice from the makers of the CTG machine, which records the foetal and maternal heart rate, that it had limitations.

The machine could "mismatch" the mother’s and baby’s heartbeat and staff needed to be aware of this.

Witness 8 said this was a well-known limitation and there were actions staff needed to take if they had concerns.

They could separately check the maternal and foetal heartbeat.

A notice was put up in the labour ward office about it and it was in the CTG user manual.

She said it was mentioned at the morning staff handover at 8am and training was provided to staff.

Among the allegations faced by Dr A are that he failed to properly review the CTG machine.

Dr A has denied the allegations and is self-represented.

This is the tenth day of proceedings before the three-person Fitness to Practise Committee.