More people making the perilous journey across the English Channel have been brought ashore following the deadliest day of the current migrant crisis.

A group of people wearing life jackets and wrapped in blankets were seen huddled together on board an RNLI lifeboat before disembarking in Dover this morning, just a day after 27 people died when a dinghy capsized off the coast of Calais.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said the loss of life was an "absolute tragedy" as he blamed human trafficking gangs who promised people the "El Dorado of England" for a large fee.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on France to agree to joint police patrols along the French English Channel coast, while French politicians pointed the finger at UK authorities for failing to tackle the issue.

Mr Darmanin told French radio network RTL that the smugglers are "criminals, people who exploit the misery of others, of women and children - there were pregnant women, children who died yesterday on that boat ... and for a few thousand euros they promise them 'El Dorado in England'.

"Sadly, this has been repeated every day for the last 20 years."