Europe's police agency has launched a webpage showing objects in child sex abuse images to try and find the perpetrators and victims.

Europol hopes details such as a logo on a bag, wallpaper or a shampoo bottle may alert someone who can then contact police by an anonymous tip-off or social media.

The agency has uploaded 20 objects on the dedicated 'Stop Child Abuse' webpage and the images will be updated periodically.

All the images are from active cases involving minors that detectives have been unable to solve.

Europol Executive Director Rob Wainwright said: "The Victim Identification Task Force held at Europol has repeatedly shown the significant possibilities of rescuing victims of child abuse through experts working together analysing abuse images.

"In many of these cases the key breakthrough has been established through a small piece of information such as identification of objects in the background of the image that provide a vital clue to investigators.

"This innovative project seeks to use the global reach of the internet to allow the public to contribute to this investigation process and to play a real part in the global prevention of child abuse."