Micheál Martin living in a fairytale - Minister for Health

Leo Varadkar has said Micheál Martin is attempting to make a fairytale out of his time as Minister for Health.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, current Minister for Health Mr Varadkar refuted criticism from the Fianna Fáil leader in which he described Mr Varadkar's record as minister as "disastrous" during the leaders' debate on RTÉ One television on Monday night.

Mr Martin had his say a little bit later on when speaking to News at One.

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Poll suggests drop in support for Fine Gael

The latest opinion poll - carried out on just over 1,000 people by Red C for the Irish Sun between last Thursday and Monday - suggests another fall in support for Fine Gael.

Kieran Dineen of the Irish Sun discussed the results on RTÉ Morning Ireland.

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