The student council at Wilson's Hospital School in Co Westmeath wrote a letter to teacher Enoch Burke expressing concern about the impact of his ongoing attendance at the school.

In the letter, the student council listed a number of issues, saying that Mr. Burke's presence in a corridor was impacting learning and causing huge disruption.

Mr Burke resumed attending the school in Multyfarnham on 5 January, following the Christmas break.

He was jailed in September after breaching a High Cout injunction directing him to stay away from the school and was released from Mountjoy Prison on 21 December.

While in the school Mr Burke was confined to a corridor and kept away from students. However, in this letter the student council said locker access was impacted.

They said some students had to go outside "sometimes in cold, wet and windy conditions" because of Mr Burke's presence.

The Council said that for many LGBTQI+ students, Mr Burke's presence in the school "is a daily reminder of the prejudices they feel".

The council also expressed concern that important student matters are not being dealt with because the time of senior management is being spent supervising Mr Burke.

They also highlighted the ongoing media presence at the school, saying that it is a huge disruption and they expressed concern about the reputation of the school.

The council complained that Transition Year and Fifth Year students "feel they have no place to hang out" because of Mr Burke's presence.

The student council also claimed that First Year students were "denied the opportunity to fully sample the German subject at the beginning of the year".

"Many Junior cycle and Leaving Certificate students complained about the lack of a German teacher in that classroom for what is their most crucial year of study".

At the end of the letter, the council questioned Mr Burke's motivations and said if he cared for the students at the school, like he said he does, then why would he continue to cause disruption to their school life?

On Friday it was confirmed that Mr Burke had been dismissed from his position at the school.

It followed a disciplinary hearing involving Mr Burke, in relation to alleged gross misconduct at the school.

On Wednesday the High Court refused to grant Mr Burke an injunction to prevent the hearing.

Mr Justice Conor Dignam said the applicant's intention to continue to breach court orders against him, meant the balance of justice tipped against allowing the injunction.

Mr Burke was jailed in early September after breaching a High Court injunction directing him to stay away from the school.

He had been suspended on full pay by the school as part of a disciplinary process, following a row over a request from a student to be addressed by a new name and for the "they/them" pronouns to be used.

He was released from Mountjoy Prison on 21 January and continued to attend at Wilson's Hospital school since it reopened after the Christmas holidays on January 5