The State Examinations Commission (SEC) has said it was aware of a student that was able to access their Junior Cycle results a week early.

The commission said that following intermittent testing of the system last Wednesday, it was contacted by a school to let them know that a candidate could access the system.

It follows an email to RTÉ's Liveline programme from a listener who sent a screenshot of her son's phone from this day last week with his Junior Cycle results.

She said they were the same as the results he received today.

In a statement, the State Examinations Commission said: "Intermittent testing of the system was being conducted on Wednesday 16 November. We received a phone call from a school alerting us that a candidate could access the system. We immediately shut down this access.

"A review of this process has indicated that during the testing period on 16 November, 20 unique log-ins out of 67,130 candidates were recorded on the system.

"The data that would have been available was not the final graded set of results. The information was from our test database.

"The final grading process for the Junior Cycle examinations completed on Friday 18 November at which point the final processing and printing of the results commenced."

The commission said it was important to note that candidates needed their examination number and confidential PIN to access the system, meaning any candidate who did access the system could only have seen their own personal information.

The SEC said it was satisfied that there was no breach of personal data involved in this incident.

It said it would review the testing process to ensure it does not happen again.

Over 67,000 students receive Junior Cycle results