The Central Applications Office has urged students to check their college applications in advance of tomorrow evening to ensure that all course codes listed are correct and that courses have been placed in the correct order of preference.

The CAO's free change of mind facility closes at 5.15pm on Wednesday.

Applicants have until then to add or remove courses, or change the order of their choices.

The CAO is advising students to think carefully about introducing new courses or changing their order of preference at this stage in the process.

It is advising applicants to avoid making changes based on assumptions about grades, or speculation about what the points are going to be for a particular course.

The CAO is also reminding students to ensure that they place courses in a genuine order of preference, because that is the order in which courses will be offered.

By March of this year almost 73,000 had applied via the CAO to study at third level colleges here next year.