Secondary teachers are demanding that those who do supervision and substitution duties in schools should receive an extra payment for doing so.

At the ASTI conference in Wexford, delegates also backed a campaign to ensure that teachers who opt out of supervision and substitution should no longer be obliged to reduce their salary on a commensurate basis.

The issue has been a controversial one for the ASTI, which went on strike in 2002 about it.

Teachers were then given an annual allowance of around €1,600 for carrying out the duties.

However, during the economic crisis the allowance was abolished, and the liability for supervision and substitution was increased from three periods a week to five.

The annual cap on supervision and substitution hours was raised from 37 to 43, and 49 for new entrants.

Some teachers were allowed to opt out but had to take a commensurate cut in pay.

Today delegates at the ASTI conference overwhelmingly passed a motion stating that in order to enhance teacher wellbeing, the ASTI should negotiate with the Department of Education and Skills to allow teachers to opt in and out of the supervision and substitution scheme on an annual basis, regardless of their years of service.

They also backed a motion that the weekly liability for teachers opting into the scheme should be reduced from five class periods to three.

The third motion passed demands that teachers who participate in the supervision and substitution scheme are paid for doing so, while those who do not should have their consequential salary deduction reversed.