Almost all of those who graduated from third-level primary teaching courses in 2017 had found work in education or were due to begin one nine months later, a study by the Higher Education Authority has found. 

Its survey of more than 30,000 graduates across all third level sectors, found that among newly graduated teachers, 96% were working or due to start a job by then, and that 98% of those jobs were in education.

A strong majority - 94% - were finding jobs in Ireland, and the most common salary range was between €30-€35,000. The second most common range was between €25-€30,000

The study found that 75% of those with honours degrees in general were in employment nine months after graduating, while 18% had opted for further study.

Between 86% and 91% of those who had completed postgraduate programmes had found work nine months on, with two out of three categorising their jobs as 'professional occupations'.

More than half of employees who were graduates from honours degree programmes were working in 'professional occupations'. 

Many participants in the HEA study declined to disclose their salary levels, but among those who did, the most common band was between €30-€35,000, for graduates of both degree and postgraduate programmes.

The study also found strong employment patterns among graduates of 'Early Years' honours degree graduates, which are programmes geared at the study of early childhood learning.

Some 84% of graduates had begun work or were due to start work nine months later, the vast majority of them in the area of 'human health and social work'.

However, their salaries appear to be significantly lower, with €20-€25,000 the most common band cited.