The Department of Education has confirmed that work has begun to try and resolve structural problems at three primary schools in Dublin.

The work is aimed at enabling the buildings to reopen after the mid-term break for some pupils.

It says work is also commencing at one other Dublin primary school, as well as an adult education centre in north Co Dublin where structural problems are confined to external walls of the buildings.

Initial assessments on all 30 remaining school buildings are expected to be completed by tonight.

The solutions being explored include placing protective fencing and other structures around entrances to the schools in question, so that children and staff and come and go in safety.

For those with problems affecting internal walls, engineers are looking at bolstering those walls from the inside.

Although initial assessments are expected to be completed this evening, the Dept does not expect to have conclusive results immediately.

They expect that engineers may well have to return to most of the schools in question for further invasive examination.

There are currently 30 primary schools waiting for results of those assessments and waiting to know whether or not they will be able to reopen next Monday.

For the three primary schools where the most serious problems were found, it is expected that around one third of pupils will be able to be accommodated on the ground floor on Monday.

Work is continuing locally to find accommodation in nearby schools for the remainder.