Love was in the air at Pearse Station in Dublin last night, as DART driver Paula Carbó Zea was greeted by a marriage proposal from her partner as she pulled in to the platform at the end of her shift. 

The happy couple has been overwhelmed with warm wishes ever since after the moment was widely shared on social media. 

Her partner Conor O'Sullivan was waiting anxiously on the platform, with flowers and an engagement ring, to hear if she was on board to marry him. 

"As the train was coming, I was nervous and shaking, I was jumping up and down trying to loosen up, I was very tense, loads of people had stopped and started to watch and take out cameras and as she came up I managed to see her in the train and it just kind of flowed after that, " he said. 

And, most importantly, it was a yes from Paula!

Ms Carbó Zea said she initially did not notice the 'Will you marry me?' placards on the platform. 

My first reaction was 'I will kill him!!'

"So I just saw a big white boards, because far away you can really not see anything else. Then I saw a lot of staff on the platform and a lot of people and I thought what is going on?

"When I was approaching I read "Will you marry me?" and then I saw Conor on the platform waiting for me with the flowers and the ring," she said.

"My first reaction was 'I will kill him!!'," Ms Carbó Zea said. 

However, she said the whole proposal was amazing. 

"The passengers were clapping and the people on the platform. It was just so nice," she said. 

One of the passengers waiting on the platform, midwife Clodagh Maher, shared a video of the proposal on Twitter, saying it perked her up "after a busy 13-hour shift".

There is no wedding date set yet but Ms Carbó Zea said she hopes to tie the knot in Barcelona. 

For now it is full steam ahead for this happy couple in 2021.