The proposal for a cycleway on Sandymount's seafront faces delay after Dublin City Council agreed to assess an alternative proposal from a resident's group.

The council's plan is to put in a two way cycle track on Strand Road reducing cars to one lane out of the city.

However, local residents fear traffic heading for the East Link bridge will be diverted into Sandymount village and residential streets.

The STC Community group, which represents residents on Serpentine Avenue, Tritonville Road, Claremont and adjoining roads, has put forward an alternative plan to use the sea side footpath as a two way cycleway.

They say this would mean cyclists having to share space with people at bus stops, with cars entering three carparks and there would be no cycleway possible for the last 270 metres to the Merrion Gates.

However the STC group says shared space in tight spots is common for cycle ways around the country.

It says a scheme by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown that eliminated a car lane in favour of a two way cycle track has led to congestion in Monkstown village.

In a memo to councilors, the city council's Chief Executive Owen Keegan said given the level of public interest in the cycleway plan the residents' alternative proposal will be made available on the council's consultation hub.

Green Party councillor Janet Horner said the possibility of a delay is "worrying" as evenings get darker.

"Delays are deeply frustrating to so many people who, in adherence with the Covid public health advice, are walking and cycling as their primary mode of transport and yet are being denied a safe way of doing so," she said.

However local councillor Dermot Lacey (Lab) welcomed the new assessment.

"This only came before councillors on 1 September - eight or nine weeks to finalise cannot be seen as undue delay for such a major change," he said.

The original public consultation received nearly 3,000 responses with 56% of respondents "strongly in favour" of reducing cars to one lane.

However there was opposition from Sandymount residents.