Coillte has announced that all nine of its forests in Dublin are changing to non-commercial recreational use.

The move means an end to commercial operations in the woods and will result in more bio diverse and climate resilient forests.

Karen Woods, Director of Operations for Coillte Nature, the non profit arm of the forestry company, told RTÉ News that there will be no more planting, in Dublin, of Sitka Spruce the dominant species in Coillte's plantations.

It will gradually be replaced by native species including many more broad leaf varieties. Clear felling large areas will be phased out and replaced by a system called continuous cover.

This will see some mature trees removed from areas to allow new planting and new growth as the forest canopy is thinned.

There will still be clear felling in some small areas so Sitka can be replaced by native species.

Coillte is asking the public to be patient as there will be work this summer in the forests which include Ticknock, Kilmashogue, Ballyedmonduff, Massy’s Wood, Hell Fire Club, Cruagh, Tibradden, Barnaslingab and Carrickgollogan saying there will be some short term pain for long term gain.

An Táisce has welcomed the announcement but said the new regime should be extended to all Coillte forests not just those in Dublin.