A serial sex offender has been jailed for a further six years for assaulting and falsely imprisoning a woman out on a walk in a Dublin park, bringing his total jail time to more than 34 years.

Slavomir Gierlowski, aged 38, has been convicted of random attacks on five different women between 2010 and 2016 and has now been sentenced to a total of 34-and-a-half years in prison.

The court heard he has shown no insight into his crimes or remorse for his actions and does not accept the guilty verdicts of juries in three separate trials.

Gierlowski has been in custody since 2016, when he was arrested for three random attacks on three women in the Clondalkin area of Dublin between 2011 and 2016.

He was convicted by a jury and jailed for 18-and-a-half years in jail, with Judge Pauline Codd describing him as a dangerous man.

Last year, he was found guilty of attempting to rape a fourth woman in December 2010.

Judge Michael White said Gierlowski remained a serious threat to the safety of women and imposed a 10-year sentence to begin after he had served the previous jail term.

This morning, a further six years was added to his time in prison, as he was jailed for attacking a young woman out walking in a park in Ballymount in Dublin in May 2011.

The court heard the woman had recently had a baby and went walking at around 11am to get a break.

She noticed Gierlowski standing in bushes holding a flex. On her second loop of the park, he ran at her and tried to put the flex around her neck.

He attempted to pull down her clothes and punched her repeatedly before running away.

DNA samples taken at the scene were later matched to samples taken after his arrest in 2016.

Judge Elma Sheahan said that at the time of this attack, Gierlowski had already committed similar previous offences, beginning what she described as his trail of depravity.

Despite the fact that he had been in custody since 2016, he had not gained any insight, she said, and the protection of society was an important consideration for the court.

Judge Sheahan said it was appropriate to impose another consecutive sentence, which will begin when his existing jail terms finish in 2037.

She said she deemed it appropriate to acknowledge the very real harm done to the young woman in this case, who remained affected by the attack, both physically and psychologically.

The woman told the court earlier this year that she had been left with huge anxiety and felt incapable of being a wife and a mother.

The court heard previously that Gierlowski moved from Poland to Ireland in 2008.

He is in a relationship, has young children and his partner is standing by him.

'It sends a message of the seriousness of this crime'

One of Slavomir Gierlowski's victims, Ruth Maxwell, has welcomed the extension of his prison sentence.

Ms Maxwell was attacked by Gierlowski while on her way to work in Dublin in May 2016.

Two years later he was jailed for 18-and-a-half years for carrying out the premeditated random attacks on her and two other women over a five-year period.

Speaking to RTÉ News this evening, Ms Maxwell said "the sentencing collectively is absolutely fantastic for all of these women".

"This is the longest sentence that has ever been handed down in this country to an offender in this kind of capacity."

"It really sends a message of the seriousness of this crime and that this can't be tolerated in society," she said.

Ms Maxwell suffered a life changing injury to her hand when fighting off the knife attack by Gierlowski.

"Physically, I'll never recover from my injuries, it's extremely painful."

"I just try and get through each day," she added.

"It's draining, it's exhausting, from the minute I get up in the morning, even the simplest task of trying to tie my shoe laces does not work property."

She said on the emotional side, there are still parts she is upset and angry over but she will sleep better tonight knowing he will be in prison for the next 34 years.