A former defence forces member accused of terrorist offences has lost a challenge in court to the legality of her arrest just over two years ago.

Lisa Smith has pleaded not guilty to financing terrorism and membership of the terrorist organisation, ISIS.

She was arrested and detained under Section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act in December 2019.

She challenged the legality of her arrest on the basis that there was no provision under that Act for offences alleged to have taken place outside of Ireland.

However, the Special Criminal Court ruled today that her arrest was lawful.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt said the court was satisfied that the statutory form used in the act was acceptable and that the Sergeant who arrested her, Gareth Kane was equipped with the power to do so on that occasion.

Lisa Smith is accused of being a member of the terrorist group styling itself as the Islamic State between 28 October, 2015 and 1 December, 2019 at a location outside the State.

She has also been accused of financing terrorism by sending €800 euro (£670) in assistance by Western Union money transfer to a named individual in 2015.

She denies the charges.

The trial is continuing.