One of the boys accused of the murder of Ana Kriégel told gardaí his co-accused was lying.

The Central Criminal Court has also heard that a screenshot of videos on the boy's mobile phone showed results including "15 most gruesome torture methods in history".

The phone also showed there had been an internet search for "abandoned places in Lucan" in January last year.

The two boys deny murdering the schoolgirl on 14 May 2018 in a derelict house in Lucan. Boy A also denies violently sexually assaulting her.

The court has been hearing more details of interviews carried out by gardaí with Boy A on 24 and 25 May last year, after he had been arrested on suspicion of the murder of Ana Kriégel.

On 25 May, Garda Tomás Doyle said he and his colleague, Detective Garda Marcus Roantree showed Boy A his phone which they had received from him on 16 May.

They told the boy experts been able to retrieve data from his safari search engine. The boy said this was not possible as he did not have safari on his phone.

The jury was shown a printout of a screenshot, showing a list of videos, dated 14 February 2018, just before midnight. Among the videos were "15 most gruesome torture methods in history", "horror movies that will blow everyone away" and "top 10 sexiest video game characters of 2017".

The printout was shown to the boy who told gardaí he was looking for horror movies online.

He agreed it was an interest of his, particularly "ghost horror movies". The boy said he would have typed in "horror movies" and he said he was not interested in torture films.

The boy was asked if he remembered the screenshot. The boy said if it was something he looked up regularly it would have come up as recommended. 

His father added that the boy was interested in aliens and creative features. And Garda Doyle said Boy A's father also mentioned special effects.

Another print out of a screenshot, shown to the jury included a reference to a search for "abandoned places in Lucan" on 30 January 2018.

Garda Doyle said a photograph of a blue builder's tape with the word Tescon on it was shown to Boy A. The court heard this tape was seized from the house of Boy B.

Boy A said he had never had such tape in his possession and the other boy had never given him tape like that.

Gardaí told him the tape would be sent for examination and would be compared to tape found around Ana Kriégel's neck.

Garda Doyle said at the end of the interview he told Boy A this was his opportunity. 

He told the boy something went on that day, that was going to affect him for the rest of his life and asked him if there was anything he wanted to say. 

Boy A shook his head.

In a previous interview the court heard the boy was shown photos of the room in which the 14-year-old girl was found.

Blood on the walls and skirting boards was pointed out to the boy, who replied "oh that's blood, my god." 

When told that gardaí believed an injury to Ana's ear was caused by a nail in a stick shown in the photo, the boy replied "oh my god". 

The boy was also shown a picture of Ana's black vest top and nodded when he was asked if he could see it had been ripped.

Gardaí told the boy they knew it was not easy hearing what they had to say and looking at the photos and asked him if he could tell them anything. He replied "no, sorry".

In his final interview on 25 May 2018, gardaí brought Boy A's attention to a copy of a memo of interview carried out by gardaí with his co-accused as well as pages of an interview that was still ongoing with the other boy.

When asked if he would like to add anything or make any clarifications at the end of his interview, Boy A told gardaí the other boy was lying.