US authorities are seeking the extradition of a 20-year-old Dublin man in connection with an online identity theft scam which resulted in the theft of over $2 million US dollars.

Conor Freeman from Glenageary Court in Dun Laoghaire was arrested yesterday and brought before the High Court.

Computers and other data devices along with luxury goods were also seized during a garda search.

The 20-year-old is one of nine people US federal agencies say is connected to a hacking group involved in online identity theft and other offences.

Homeland Security in the US along with US Immigration and Customs have been investigating what they describe as a complex cryptocurrency and identity theft scam across two continents.

They targeted a hacking group of nine individuals known as "the community".

Mr Freeman is wanted in the US to face nine charges, four of aiding and abetting wire fraud, four of aiding and abetting aggravated identity theft and one of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

His co-accused are from Florida, California, Iowa, New York, Missouri, Connecticut and Arizona and are aged between 19 and 28.

US authorities say the group used "SIM Hijacking" or "SIM Swapping" to gain control of victims' mobile phone numbers - enabling it to reroute phone calls and messages to devices it controlled.

They allege the phones were then used to bypass security measures, reset passwords, control online accounts such as cryptocurrency wallets and exchange accounts.

Three of the group were employees of a mobile phone company and are alleged to have been bribed to help it steal subscribers' identities.

The US authorities say the group carried out seven attacks and stole over two million dollars in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin from its victims.

Officers from the garda’s Special Crime Operations were also involved in the operation following a request from the US for mutual assistance.

According to the US warrant authorities have identified four attacks in which Mr Freeman allegedly participated that resulted in the theft of cryptocurrency valued at $2,187,977.

Detective Sergeant Jim Kirwin of the Garda Extradition Unit told the court that he arrested him at 8am at his home in Dun Laoghaire and showed him an original warrant.

He said that when Mr Freeman was asked if he knew about the allegations he replied "I do".

Mr Justice Donald Binchy remanded Mr Freeman in custody to appear before the High Court on 22 May next, when an application for bail is expected to be made.