A man has been found guilty of murdering the manager of the Sunset House pub in a feud-related shooting in Dublin two years ago.

Eamonn Cumberton, 30, of Mountjoy Street, Dublin 7, had pleaded not guilty to the murder of Michael Barr in the Sunset House pub in Dublin's north inner city on 25 April 2016.

However Cumberton's DNA was found on a baseball cap and a rubber "Freddie Krueger" mask used in the murder and found in the partially burned-out getaway car.

The Special Criminal Court was satisfied that this, along with other evidence, proved he was one of the three gunmen involved in the killing.

35-year-old Barr, a former member of the IRA, was shot seven times while standing at the counter in the Sunset House.

He was the fourth victim of the ongoing feud which has cost 14 lives.

Cumberton is the first person to be convicted of one of those murders.

He has been sentenced to life in prison.

Eamonn Cumberton had pleaded not guilty

Mr Justice Tony Hunt described it as a deliberate, planned and truly shocking killing.

The Assistant Commissioner in charge of Policing Dublin said afterwards there was no satisfaction in today's conviction and appealed to people who may feel coerced, forced or induced not to get involved in the feud.

The rubber masks found in the getaway car, along with four guns - two of them the murder weapons - and a baseball cap.

There were also two other strands of corroborating evidence.

One was the fact that Cumberton booked a flight and flew to Thailand the next night for a month.

He travelled with no luggage, carrying only his passport and a bottle of water.

The other was inference evidence, the fact that he refused to answer garda questions in custody or offer any innocent explanation for the discovery of his DNA on the items used in the murder.

Barr was targeted because he was close to the Hutch gang and the Kinahan gang suspected that with his IRA connections, he was involved in sourcing the guns used in the attack on the Regency Hotel where David Byrne was shot dead.