A team of clinicians have given details of what they believe to be the first clinically reported detailed case study of Covid-19 reinfection in Ireland.

It involved a 40-year-old female health care worker who was first infected in April 2020.

The infection was laboratory confirmed and she did not need hospitalisation.

Seven months later, she presented with symptoms and was found to have Covid-19, according to the study in the latest Irish Medical Journal.

On the second occasion, the symptoms were milder and recovery was faster.

The authors of the case study say that the incidence of Covid-19 reinfection is not well characterised and that further research is needed on the nature and duration of immunity.

The case study was reported by a team involving people at Beaumont Hospital, the RCSI, the UCD National Virus Reference Laboratory and the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

In early May, data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre showed there had been around 514 cases of Covid-19 reinfection here.

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