The Teachers' Union of Ireland has called for the provision that has allowed pregnant teachers to work remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic to be continued after the Easter break.  

Throughout the phased reopening this year pregnant teachers have been allowed to work remotely.  

However, trade unions say they are awaiting guidance from the Department of Education as to whether this will remain the case after the Easter break.

The TUI said it has been contacted by numerous pregnant teachers who have expressed serious concerns and anxieties about returning to their schools.

The union said it is also seeking clarification on the arrangements for the high-risk and over-60 age group of teachers who have been allowed to teach remotely during the phased reopening.   

TUI President Martin Marjoram said pregnant members of the union were finding the lack of clarification extremely stressful.

"We are calling today on the Department of Education to alleviate the serious worry and concern that this is causing by announcing that these teachers will continue to be allowed to work remotely, should they choose to do so", he said. 

"Making such an announcement sooner rather than later will greatly ease the stress being experienced by these teachers and will also allow schools to make whatever adjustments and arrangements that may be needed to ensure consistency of provision to students". 

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