A survey by the Central Statistics Office has found that over 53% of respondents believe that people travelling to Ireland from regions designated as Red should not be allowed enter the country.

One in five people said they would be very unlikely, or unlikely, to comply with restrictions that could prevent them seeing family and friends over the Christmas period.

The survey conducted in November examined perceptions and expectations around Christmas and international travel.

More than four in ten are worried about household confinement over the Christmas period.

Over half of people expect to take their next international flight before the end of next year.

More than a third of people expect their next flight to be sometime in 2022.

Expectations around the next flight differed depending on whether the respondent had a family member living abroad.

Just under 12% are worried about being unable to afford Christmas presents and almost half expect to spend less on Christmas this year.

The survey involved a sample size of 1,585 people using an electronic questionnaire.

It was conducted before the Government announced that the country would move from Level 5 to Level 3 with modifications to restrictions.

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