The weekly Covid-19 death toll in Northern Ireland has nearly quadrupled.

There were 27 Covid-19 deaths recorded by the North's statistics agency, up from seven the previous week.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (Nisra) bulletin, which reports with a week lag, put the death toll at the end of last week at 942.

The 27 deaths occurred in the week 10 to 16 October.

The comparative total number of deaths reported daily by the Department of Health stood at 610 on 16 October.

The Nisra data gives a fuller picture of Covid-19 fatalities than the figures released by the department.

The department's statistics focus primarily on hospital deaths and only includes people who have tested positive for the virus.

Nisra obtains its data from death certificates in which Covid-19 is recorded as a factor by a medical professional, regardless of where the death took place.

The person may or may not have tested positive for the virus.

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Weekly NI Covid-19 deaths almost quadruple

Of the 942 deaths recorded by Nisra by 2 October, 519 (55.1%) occurred in hospital, 357 (37.9%) in care homes, eight (0.8%) in hospices and 58 (6.2%) at residential addresses or other locations.

The 365 deaths which occurred in care homes and hospices involved 86 separate establishments.

Nisra also analyses the total number of care home residents who have died, whether in their home or in hospital, having been transferred for treatment.

Up to 16 October, the deaths of 441 care home residents were linked to coronavirus, 84 of which occurred in hospital.

Care home residents make up about 46.8% of all deaths linked to Covid-19 in Northern Ireland.