If health staff come to your house to carry out home testing for Covid-19, they will usually take a nasal swab.

Currently, national ambulance service staff are doing this work.

The National Ambulance Service has completed more than 200 tests for the virus since Wednesday. 

The staff will likely come to your house, if you have reported symptoms to health authorities after returning from an at-risk area or you believe you came into contact with someone who has the virus.

They will arrive in a rapid response car, marked or possibly unmarked.

Ambulances are not used for this work as they have to attend to their normal emergency duties.

Staff will wear protective clothing.

They will ask how long you have displayed symptoms and who you were in contact with during that time, to help with contact tracing.

They will also assess your home environment - are you able to self-isolate? Are there any other people in the house or apartment with conditions that make them vulnerable?

You will also be given an information pack.

If you need to be brought to hospital, that will be arranged.

Mild to moderate cases can expect to be at home, self-isolating to recover.

Test results take five to six hours from when they get to the National Virus Reference Laboratory. So generally, test results would be available to patients in about 36 hours.