A group of retired healthcare workers from Co Mayo have criticised Ryanair's handling of a flight cancellation, saying the situation was one of "chaos, confusion and bedlam".

The 38-strong group from the Castlebar area were among a number of passengers due to fly to Dublin on a Ryanair flight from Poland yesterday afternoon.

The airline has said the flight was cancelled due to bad weather at Krakow Airport.

The group are now travelling by bus from Krakow in Poland to Munich in Germany.

They have criticised the manner in which the delay has been handled by Ryanair, describing the situation at the airport as one of "chaos, confusion and bedlam".

Ryanair says customers were notified by email and SMS text message and advised of their options of a refund or free move to the next available flight.

However the Mayo holidaymakers say they were left stranded with little information.

After making their way through security last evening, they were en route to the plane when the shuttle bus transporting them returned to the terminal.

The passengers were later told they would be bussed to another airport, only for this journey to be cancelled hours later.

They were eventually accommodated in a hotel close to the airport but with no flights available today, a decision was made to travel to Munich, in order to catch an Aer Lingus flight to Dublin tomorrow morning.

The group travelled to Poland on a four- day break earlier this week.

Ryanair said it sincerely apologised for the weather related cancellation which the company said was entirely beyond its control.