Volunteers from Clifden RNLI have rescued a bull which had fallen from a steep cliff yesterday evening.

The incident happened at 5pm, when a lifeboat was requested to assist the local farmer in rescuing the bull.

The bull had slipped down a steep cliff and became stuck on the shoreline below.

The area was inaccessible by road and difficult to access on foot. The farmer, along with three members of the public and the local vet, were on scene.

The lifeboat was launched immediately and attended the scene, which was around half a mile from the station at Clifden.

Weather conditions at the time were favourable.

One crew member was put ashore to assist the farmer and vet, and a plan was put in place where a bridle or halter was attached to the animal and then passed to the lifeboat.

Under the instruction of the vet and farmer, the lifeboat gently made way astern and used the tension on the line to guide the animal off the dangerous rocks into the water.

The lifeboat crew then guided the bull as it swam to a nearby beach where it made its way up the shore to safety.

The lifeboat stood by until all parties were safely away from the cliffs and water and then returned to base.

Speaking following the rescue, Clifden RNLI Helm Alan Pryce said: "We are very aware of the dangers posed by large animals that are distressed and were glad to be able to assist the farmer while also providing a safety presence to him and the individuals working with him to bring the bull to safety, on what was a dangerous and dark shore."