The Social Democrats launched a Renters' Charter this morning, with a 14-point plan that includes a three year rent freeze and longer tenancies. 

Unveiling the charter in Tallaght, co-leader Catherine Murphy said: "There is a whole generation locked out of choices that some of us just took for granted."

She said the party's plan is a time-limited rent freeze until there is a supply of affordable housing. 

The charter also includes plans for proper regulation and inspections of rental properties, a ban on sales to vulture funds and a deposit protection scheme. 

Candidate Carly Bailey said she understand the stress of being a renter. 

She said she is in rented accommodation with her husband and two children since they lost their home in the economic crash. 

She said that "every single morning I wake up with a knot in my stomach, not knowing where we're going to be this time next year, even this time next month."

Ms Murphy welcomed an extra debate with the leaders of the small parties, saying, "it's really important that people consider small parties for first preference that they're there for the transfers".

She said the smaller parties are going to have a very significant role to play.