Ten key points from the Social Democrats' election manifesto:

1) Health and disability

The party is committed to fully funding and implementing the Sláintecare plan.

This will see it invest in primary care centres, while also further extending free GP care for patients.

The party has also promised to abolish home care waiting lists; while increasing funding for mental health services, addiction services and maternity services.

On disability the Social Democrats has pledged to fully ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which obliges the State to ensure the human rights of people with disabilities are protected.

The party says it will also put in place a long-term national support plan around disability, while also increasing investment in the area to ensure better inclusion.

2) Housing

The Social Democrats plans to build 100,000 homes over a five year period - primarily through the use of publicly-owned land.

This would be split evenly between social, affordable and affordable rent homes and managed through a new Housing Delivery Agency.

The party says it will also introduce legislation to stop land hoarding by private entities, while it will ensure that 20% of private developments are reserved for affordable purchase or renting, with 10% ear-marked for social.

Until enough of that housing comes on stream a nationwide rent freeze would be introduced, along with other measures to protect tenants.

Meanwhile the party has pledged to end homelessness within the lifetime of the next government, while also holding a referendum on the right to a home.

3) Parents and Children

The party is promising a range of measures to help parents - many of which focus on increased flexibility in the workplace.

That includes the introduction of a right to flexible work hours, including more freedom for individuals to work from home and a trial of a four-day working week.

Meanwhile the party wants to strengthen parents' leave entitlements, extending paid parental leave to a total of 12 months while also increasing the amount of unpaid leave a parent can take.

For those that use childcare, the party says it will provide an Early Years Payment to cover the cost until pre-school.

It says it will improve the National Childcare Scheme so that more people qualify, while it will also increase funding for the childcare sector itself to ensure better working conditions and training options.

4) Education

The Social Democrats has committed to making public schools completely free - which will see public funding for books, classroom resources and transport.

It promises to restore capitation payments to 2010 levels, while also bringing to an end the State subsidy for fee-paying schools.

Meanwhile it wants to see class sizes at primary level to fall to 20:1, with class sizes in DEIS schools falling further.

The party wants to restore pay parity for teachers, while also funding increased training and the introduction of more Special Needs Assistants.

At Third Level the party says it will reduce fees, while increasing the value of SUSI grants and the number of people who are eligible to claim them.

5) Transport

The party says it will redesign the current National Development Plan to put more emphasis on public transport and cycling.

That will include the construction of more cycling greenways and segregated cycling lanes, while it will also improve the Bike to Work scheme.

It says it will fund the expansion of the public bus network through the acquisition of more vehicles, while it will also give buses greater priority on the country's roads. 

On rail, the party says it wants to earmark any future tax windfall for the DART Underground project, which it says could benefit half the population of the country.

Meanwhile it promises lower public transport fares for passengers, as well as the introduction of a dedicated Public Transport Policing Unit within An Garda Síochána.

6) Climate

Improved public transport and cycling infrastructure is a key part of the Social Democrats's climate policy, in which the party pledges to meet the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

In addition to greener transport the party wants to encourage local energy generation schemes, including small-hydro and more solar panels on homes.

It says it will also develop an agency to manage the development of offshore wind generation, while also exploring the increased use of biogas.

At the same time it will completely ban fracking, while gradually reducing subsidies for non-renewable energy.

Meanwhile the party says it will introduce an environmental levy on construction materials extracted in the country.

It would also levy plastics that cannot be easily recycled here, while introducing a deposit-return scheme for items that can be recycled.

7) Employment

The party says it will ban exploitative work practices, such as bogus self-employment contracts.

It would also encourage union membership through the reintroduction of a relief for trade union subscriptions. Meanwhile it would introduce a statutory living wage, which will be set against the cost of living in the country.

It pledges to introduce a right for workers in large firms to gain board representation, while it also proposes to introduce a law that would give workers first refusal to acquire a profitable business that is otherwise set to close.

Meanwhile it is promising additional protections for younger workers, including better oversight of internships, and says it will work to eliminate the gender pay gap through stronger penalties for those found to have violated anti-discrimination laws.

8) Corruption

The Social Democrats wants to establish a number of bodies to ensure better transparency and accountability from politicians, public bodies and those in business.

This includes an Independent Anti-Corruption Agency, which would be a permanent replacement for the various tribunals established over the years.

The agency would be tasked with tackling white collar crime, it says, and would take over the anti-corruption remit of a number of existing State agencies.

Alongside this it would push for greater transparency in political decision-making, which it says would shed a greater light on the way public money is allocated.

The party also wants reform of the Oireachtas; including the repatriation of powers to local government, the abolition of the whip system and a greater role for Oireachtas committees.

Meanwhile a permanent Irish Electoral Commission would be charged with managing a range of areas including political financing, constituency boundaries and voter education.

9) Arts and culture

The Social Democrats want to give the Arts and Humanities a greater role in the future direction of the country, placing it alongside the existing emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

This would see arts funding increase over five years, with obligations put on local authorities to spend a certain amount in the area each year.

The party also wants to introduce special rates for the establishment of creative spaces, while ensuring planning rules take account of these kinds of areas.

Meanwhile it wants to see the introduction of a Night Mayor in each of the country's major cities, alongside measures to improve the cultural offering available at night-time.

10) Business

The party says its commitment to better education, a lower cost of living and lower corruption would all be to the benefit of business, with each improving the country's attractiveness and competitiveness.

It has also pledged to maintain the 12.5% corporation tax rate, however it says it would "regularise" the treatment of firms to ensure that the full rate is paid by all.

It also promises more investment in infrastructure including broadband so that the country remains well-connected.

Meanwhile it has proposed an extra €100m for Enterprise Ireland to support Irish start-ups, while adjusting the tax system to better allow workers there to take up share options as part of any bonus scheme.