Financial app Revolut is to begin offering car insurance in Ireland.

The online bank said it was opening a waitlist for Revolut customers from today ahead of the roll-out of the coverage in the coming weeks.

The company said the application process will be app-based and fully digital, taking less than five minutes to get a quote for eligible drivers.

Revolut claims it will offer competitively priced premiums with additional discounts available for customers who opt for a 'smart driving' device to be installed in their cars.

"We have worked to provide great pricing, flexible and bespoke plans, and a hassle-free user experience," said Balazs Gati, Revolut General Manager Insurance.

"We're looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers over the coming weeks," he said.

Revolut has more than two million customers in Ireland and has recently started offering loans and credit cards.

In January, the company announced plans to migrate its customers here over to Irish IBAN numbers.