Vodafone has announced price increases of 11.2% for some customers.

Impacted mobile bill pay customers will see an average increase of approximately €5 a month and broadband customers will see an average increase of around €7 a month.

The increases apply to mobile bill pay customers with contracts since 30 July 2021 and fixed broadband customers with contracts since 31 January 2023, including customers who carried out a recontract from those dates.

Vodafone says that should a customer complete their minimum contract period in the coming months and recommit to a new plan, they will go back to the standard price.

Impacted customers are being informed directly via SMS.

The company says that the 11.2% increase is based on inflation of 8.2% and an additional 3% to support investment in networks, products and services.

The price increase will take effect in April and will be reviewed throughout the year.

"As per the term in our customer contract, Vodafone Ireland's annual price adjustment is a combination of the Consumer Price Index rate measured in the year to December and an additional 3% rate that reflects our ongoing investment in our mobile and fixed networks, products and services," a spokesperson for Vodafone Ireland said.

"It’s also a result of the increased energy and other costs that we continue to face as a business and inflationary pressures, which we are not immune to," the spokesperson added.