Agriculture will reach its target of a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, if farmers get the right support and emissions are measured fairly, according to IFA President Tim Cullinan.

Mr Cullinan made his comments at the organisation's AGM at IFA headquarters today.

He said he is convinced farmers can make the reduction target, possibly even ahead of other sectors, but a comprehensive plan needs to be agreed.

The IFA will work to combine food production with meeting the climate challenge, he said.

Mr Cullinan also criticised the fact that the Green party "is the tail that that is wagging the government dog", adding that the two larger parties need to stand up for the agri sector.

He also said that it is not true to say there are no plans to reduce production in farming and the Common Agriculture Policy, the Nitrates derogation and countless other policies are all designed to cut production.

Mr Cullinan called for regulation of organisations running political campaigns against farming, through the use of posters and billboards.

The IFA president said farming may not be as high profile as Google, Twitter or others in the tech and pharma sectors, but such companies largely repatriate profits to other countries while the returns from farming support people across the country.

He said the agri sector is here to stay and its focus is firmly on what it does best - producing food and playing its part in meeting the climate challenge.