Home broadband data use rose nearly 74% between April and the end of June compared to the same period last year, as people worked remotely and spent more time in their houses and apartments in order to comply with Covid-19 restrictions.

On average fixed residential broadband subscribers used 326.7GB of data over the course of the three months, according to new data released by communications regulator Comreg.

Fixed broadband subscriptions rose to 1.49 million, a 1.2% increase on the previous quarter and a 3.4% rise compared to the same period last year.

201,000 of those connections were for fibre to the home (FTTH) services, which means 13.5% of all fixed broadband subscriptions are now FTTH.

Despite the growing prevalence of FTTH services, which offer very high speed connections, just 39.4% of subscribers to fixed broadband during the first quarter enjoyed speeds of 100Mbps or more.

79% of subscribers had broadband with speeds equal to or greater than 30Mbps.

But while data use jumped significantly during the period, phone traffic rose by a less significant extent.

Total voice traffic minutes increased by 12.6% compared to the first quarter of this year and were 19% higher than the second quarter of last year.

Mobile voice calls also rose by nearly fifth and mobile data use jumped by a third.

Nearly two thirds of mobile subscriptions were on 4G.