People with annual multi-trip travel insurance policies will retain cover for Covid-19-related cancellations, according to Blue Insurance.

Policies that were taken out before March 17 have better terms and conditions to policies issued after St Patrick's Day.

If a customer bought travel insurance before that date, or renewed an existing policy, they will have some protection for holidays due to be taken this summer.

However, if a policy holder chooses not to go on holidays due to concerns over Covid-19, after travel restrictions have been lifted, they cannot put in a claim on their insurance.

"Disinclination to travel is one of those things that is not covered by the policy," explained Ciaran Mulligan, Managing Director of Blue Insurance.

He recommends requesting a voucher from an airline and accommodation provider instead, and "hopefully they can maybe move the dates for them and they can maybe take the holiday next year when things calm down".

Sales of travel insurance dropped after St Patrick's Day when countries across Europe went into lockdown, but Mr Mulligan said his company is starting to see an increase in business again. 

"We're also starting to see the number of people who are renewing their policy grow for continuation of cover for those holidays that were booked before March 17, which will be covered for Covid 19 as well."

Many people will opt to holiday at home this year even if travel restrictions are lifted, and Blue Insurance is offering 'staycation' insurance.

"It's unusual for people to consider taking out travel insurance for 'staycations' but this year because of Covid-19, we're offering the reassurance cancellation and curtailment cover for Covid-19 and other standard cancellation cover," he said. 

"It gives you added protection in the event that you or a family member contract Covid-19, or if someone outside the family picks up Covid-19 - it just gives added protection for the consumers out there," Ciaran Mulligan said.