Households significantly increased their use of broadband in the first three months of this year, according to the latest quarterly report from communications regulator ComReg.  

Households used up an average of 275.5 gigabytes (GB) of data per month, an increase of 44.6% on the same time last year. 

By contrast, the average use by businesses was 124.1GB, an increase of 17.2%.  

There are 1.477 million fixed broadband subscribers in the country, up just 2.5% on last year. 

According to Eurostat, Ireland now has a penetration rate of 90% of households for broadband both fixed and mobile, just up from the EU average of 89%. 

Today's report shows that 79.6% of subscribers reported to enjoy speeds of greater than or equal to 30 mega bytes per second (Mbps) with 37.9% on speeds of greater than or equal to 100Mbps. 

Mobile phone subscribers have increased their use of voice calls by an average of 216 minutes per month, up 4% compared to last year. 

The average number of texts, at 54 a month, is down 16.4% on last year. 

But the average mobile user now goes through 9.4GB of data a month, an increase of 40.9% compared to a year ago.