Irish payments technology firm, Prepaid Financial Services, is Brexit-ready, after securing an Electronic Money License from the Central Bank of Ireland.

It means that PFS will continue to operate as usual throughout the European Economic Area post-Brexit.

This is a significant boost for the payment operator which is also licensed by the UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority.

CEO of PFS, Noel Moran, said the company could have been out of business, or would have had to look elsewhere for a license, if it had not obtained one from the Irish regulator.

"We would have had to go to the likes of Lithuania, Latvia or maybe Luxembourg to obtain a similar type license," Mr Moran said.

"This just means that no matter what happens now with Brexit we can still passport from the Central Bank of Ireland license to the same countries," he said.

PFS had been working with the regulator for about 18 months, and despite the lengthy process, the payments operatos is happy with the end result.

"I guess the CBI has a fairly arduous and rigorous process that you have to go through so I guess that's where the advantage is, at the end of the day when you do obtain the license. It carries a lot of weight getting it from the CBI, as opposed to maybe getting it from Lithuania or Latvia."

PFS will now move its non-UK customers over to the Central Bank of Ireland license.

Mr Moran agreed that Brexit has cost the operator time and effort to secure the CBI license.

Despite the Brexit challenge, PFS plans to list on the London Stock Exchange in Q4. "We have appointed all the individual brokers on that, and hopefully we will get there in Q4."