Firmwave, an engineering and design company that develops smart connected devices, is one of the Irish companies attending CES 2019 in Las Vegas this week.

Firmwave, a client company of Enterprise Ireland, specialise in sensors. "We design sensors in medical devices, industrial applications, and in agricultural applications," explained Russell McHugh, Director of Sales and Business Development in North America.

The Dublin-based company has announced the availability of new IoT validation services to help make sensors and gateways more secure, at the tech show today.

"There are many potential points of failure in an end-to-end IoT solution, and the world of connected products is full of examples of bad security," according to Mike Hibbet, End-to-End Security Architect at Firmwave. "Not least, several security flaws have been discovered in pacemakers, insulin pumps and other medical devices allowing hackers to turn them into lethal weapons."

All of the major players, who are interested in the type of technology being developed by Firmwave, are in Las Vegas this week. "It's definitely a space where we are looking to apply our technology and engineering skills," Mr Russell said. "We are looking to meet with partner companies there, as we look to grow and scale our business in the United States."

"Our secondary purpose I would say is to keep up to date with new technology. Technology is evolving very quickly, so it's very important for us to keep up to speed with what's happening out there," he said.